Video Production


to Revolutionary Productions.

Our video production company is a close-knit team of technical professionals and artistic visionaries specializing in original music videos and independent film productions. We offer services spanning the complete range of the production spectrum, from on-set cinematography and lighting to finishing elements such as color correction and motion graphics. Our mission is to deliver your art in the highest possible quality for the most affordable prices.

Revolutionary Productions is centrally located at Big Art Labs, including a green screen studio and audio recording facility that houses our post-production lab. This venue also offers audio and video equipment rentals, in addition to providing generous space for hosting private parties. Please contact The New Place management if you are interested in taking advantage of these other services.

"A multimedia studio in the truest sense. A facility with nearly unlimited possibilities. Revolutionary Productions offers state of the art technology at great prices. A hub for independent entertainment production. Designed to be a conduit of creative energy."

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Music Videos

Music Video Production
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Green Screen

Green Screen Studio Los Angeles
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Commercial Production
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Cameraman and Videography
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